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Repository in a Box (RIB) is a software package for setting up and maintaining software repositories. RIB was developed by the National High Performance Software Exchange Technical Team at the University of Tennessee.

Using RIB will allow your repository to interoperate with other NHSE repositories, as well as with a growing number of other software repositories that use the Basic Interoperability Data Model (BIDM), which is the IEEE standard for interoperable software cataloging on the Internet.

If you've set up a repository at your site using RIB and would like to register your repository so that other repositories can interoperate with you, then click the "Interoperate With Other RIB Repositories" link at left. If you'd like to get a copy of the software then please click the "Getting the Software" link at left.

Below is a list of each known software repository created using RIB along with the organization responsible for its maintenance:

National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)
      BenchWeb, Chemistry Software Exchange (CSIR), High Performance Math Library (HPC-Netlib), and Parallel Tools Library (PTLIB)

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Major Shared Resource Centers (MSRCs)
      Army Research Laboratory's Computational Chemistry and Materials Science, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Performance Case Studies, Programming Tools, and Signal Image Processing
      Aeronautical Systems Center's Programming Systems and Tools and Computational Chemistry and Materials Science
      Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station's Computational Fluid Dynamics, Grid Generation, and Scalable Parallel Programming Tools

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
      GSFC Earth and Space Sciences Project
      JPL Earth and Space Sciences Project

National Science Foundation (NSF)
      National Computational Science Alliance's (NCSA) Enabling Technologies Parallel Computing Team and its Deployment Grid
      National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure's (NPACI) Programming Tools and Environments

Also of interest to people who wish to integrate existing catalog data into RIB is this document about RIB's internal data format.

Please direct questions or comments about RIB to rib@nhse.org.

last updated: Wed Jan. 6 16:34:29 EST 1999