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What is HPC-Netlib? HPC-Netlib is a high performance branch of the Netlib mathematical software repository. HPC-Netlib provides information about high performance mathematical software, both research and commercial, as well as a roadmap to software selection and performance issues. Click here to see the SuperComputing'96 HPC-Netlib poster. Click here to see a list of finite element people.
What does HPC-Netlib provide? HPC Netlib provides :
  • Cataloging and evaluation of high performance math software
  • Distribution of software where permitted by authors
  • Help with obtaining and installing software
  • Communication between software authors and user community
What areas does HPC-Netlib cover? Our initial focus is on:

Preliminary information (to be expanded in the future) is available about:

Planned future focus areas include:

  • Parallel ODE solvers
  • Random number generators

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