HPC and Parallel Computing Vendors

3L Ltd.

Compilers and development systems for DEC Alpha, SGS-Thomson Transputer and Texas Instruments TMS320C40 & TMS320C44.

Active Tools Inc.

An HPC software tool vendor.

Alpha Data Parallel Systems Ltd.

Alta Technology Corporation

Computing and communications products for embedded systems using Digital Alpha, Intel Pentium and other processors, Fiber channel, TCP/IP and other technologies.


Applied Parallel Research (APR)

APR develops high performance computing tools including the FORGE Family of Fortran Parallelization/Analysis tools. Documentation and downloadable evaluation copies of their software products are available.

AVL List Gmbh, Austria

Developers of general purpose CFD tool. Also provide information about the performance of the FIRE linear solver benchmark on workstations, supercomputers and MPP systems and have a comparison of the performance of a parallel version of the FIRE code running on nCUBE against workstations and supercomputers.

Alex Informatics Inc, Canada

Alex Informatics Inc. makes scalable parallel computing systems for real life business applications. Alex products are scalable, and use an open systems architecture and hence are used as web servers, video delivery systems, embedded systems, high performance computers, as well as in a number of other applications.

Added by: Marc R. Labrosse, labrosse@alex.qc.ca

BBN Inc.

Software Tools are now provided by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Inc.

Cambridge Parallel Processing

"The only company that provides SIMD machines"

CONVEX Computer Corporation

Coleman Research Corporation (CRC)

Cray Research, Inc

Computer System Architects (CSA) Ltd.

Out of business.
Taken over by Applied Manufacturing Technologies Phone +1 801 224-3700 and ask for Jim Trent at extension 202. Fax number may be +1 801 224-3744

Information from Peter Klein of Altatech (pklein@altatech.com) - please mention him when you call.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

DEC offer 64-bit UNIX clustering, with open, reliable, high-speed interconnects (both memory- and I/O-based); tools for optimizing parallel applications; parallel compilers; and optimized parallel libraries.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Support (former BBN) Software Development Tools including the TotalView Debugger and the TimeScan Event Analyzer.

ELCOM, Moscow Ltd

MS Windows 3.1 and 95 support for Transputers including development systems, iservers, MS Windows DLLs, folding editors (origami).

Elegant Mathematics, Inc.

Developed a series of exceptionally robust, efficient iterative Linear Equation Solvers. Based on an advanced level of mathematics, the Solvers are applicable to sparse or dense matrices and are especially effective on very large and highly ill-conditioned problems. They are developed in Fortran 77 and are available on serial and parallel computer architectures.

Embedded Solutions Ltd.

Develop reconfigurable computing systems based on FPGAs with the Handle-C CASE tool and language.

Formal Systems (Europe) Ltd.

Fujitsu Inc.

Products include the VPP500 and VPP300 scalable vector-parallel distributed memory architectures. The VPP300 has 512MB memory per processor, 2.2GF per processor, full crossbar interconnect between memories (1.1GB/sec). Also available is the AP1000 which is a Research & Development architecture, featuring MPP MIMD architecture, Sparc and vectors processors with up to 512 nodes. Fujitsu also has products for ATM/SONET telecomms technology.


HPCWire by Tabor Griffin Communications

HPCWire offer a weekly High Performance Computing electronic newsletter. Trial subscriptions are available. It is published by Tabor Griffin Communications, San Diego, USA.

IBM Power Parallel Systems

ICE Integrated Computing Engines, Inc.

Develops high-proformance distributed memory computers based on the SHARC DSP chip for compute-intensive applications such as signal and image processing.


INMOS is now known as SGS-Thomson Microelectronics and is still mostly based in Bristol, UK.

Intel Corporation Scalable Systems Division (SSD)

Information on the SSD, the Intel Pargon(TM), Touchstone Delta and iPSC(R) 860 Supercomputers.

Kuck & Associates Inc. (KAI)

Internationally known for leading-edge program optimization and parallelization software (some products listed below, Trademarks of KAI).

Lateiner Dataspace Corporation

Information on high-performance three-dimensional computation, including the ARPA proposal done in partnership with Kendall Square Research for a real-time volume rendered virtual reality with real-time physical simulation.

MatheMatrix Inc.

MatheMatrix Out-Of-Core Matrix Algebra Library for computationally intensive applications running on MPP platforms and engineering workstations.

Meiko Scientific Corporation

Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. (NAG)

Numerical and statistical software, tools, compilers and visualisation tools. Resources and tools on Fortran 77, Fortran 90, HPF, BSP, MPI and PVM.

N.A. Software Ltd.

NCube Corporation

NEC Corporation

NGI Technology (NGI)

Focuses on helping use state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology such as TMS320C80 by providing information, technical services, and advanced software solutions.

Oxford Parallel

The commercial arm of the research group at the Computing Laboratory of Oxford University.


Compilers for various parallel systems.

Pallas GmbH

An independent software company specializing in High Performance Computing (HPC) based in Bruehl (near Cologne), Germany.


Express, F77 to F90 conversion, Insure++ runtime error dection tool, CodeWizard C++ source code analysis tool.

Parsys Ltd.

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology based on DEC Alpha, T9000 and transputer processors.

Parsytec Computer GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Main product: Parsytec-CC which is targetted to serve pattern recognition applications.


Sell Helios real-time operating system and other software for embedded processors.

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    Platform Computing Corporation

    Platform is a software design house which markets LSF - Load Sharing Facility - the industry standard in load sharing and batching queuing software. LSF provides a resource allocation layer across heterogenous systems, maximizing performance and creating a single, virtual image.

    Portland Group Inc.

    Supercompilers and Advanced Development Tools for the HPC Community.

    Quadrics SuperComputers

    Sequent Computer Systems Inc.

    Building Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) parallel UNIX systems since 1984. RDBMS, parallel networking, clustering and client/server systems.

    SGS-Thomson Microelectronics Ltd.

    Formerly called INMOS Ltd. and the designers of Transputers and occam.


    Pyramid, a daughter company of SNI, sell a parallel system called the Reliant RM1000 based on 192 MIPS R4400 processors on a 2-D mesh network using 50MB/s router chips.

    Silicon Graphics

    Sun Microsystems Inc.

    Sundance Multi-Processor Technology Ltd.

    Sunnyside Systems Limited

    Supplier of data acquisition systems

    Tandem Computers Inc.

    Tao Systems Ltd.

    Vendor of the Taos operating system. This is a general purpose kernel for parallel systems with the following features: Hardware Independence; Load-Balancing; Heterogeneous Processing; Dynamic Binding; Multi-Threading; Parallelism; Object Orientation; Minimal Kernel.

    Thinking Silicon Ltd.

    Distributors for Nestor, Inc. Neural Network IC (the Ni1000), a pattern recognition accelerator, and Hyperstone Electronics GmbH, E1 family of combined RISC/DSP's.

    Texas Instruments Inc.

    Telmat Multinode

    Transputer based distributed memory parallel computers for embedded applications and parallel processing education and development. Also provides services such as training, consulting, technical assistance and complete development of systems. Sells and supports Archipel (Volvox) systems.

    Tera Computer Company

    Tera Multi-Threaded architecture (MTA) systems.

    Thinking Machines Corporation

    A provider of MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) systems and the WWW server provides information on hardware and software products, applications, and customer support and services.

    Traquair Data Systems Inc.

    Transtech Parallel Systems

    A manufacturer of high performance multi-processor systems using SGS Thomson Transputers, Intel i860s, TI TMS320C4x and IBM/Motorola PowerPCs for a wide range of applications.

    Unisys Inc.

    Products include the Open Parallel Unisys Server (OPUS) developed from a partnership with Intel, Novell and Chorus Systems.

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