WoTUG 21
Architectures, Languages and Patterns for Parallel
and Distributed Applications

5-8 April 1998
Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

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From commodity supercomputers to the high-level design of ASICs, from formal theory to embedded (and not-so-embedded) applications, from languages and tools to real user experience, WoTUG-21 takes a critical look at today's state-of-the-art in parallel and distributed computing and explores the future. The emphasis is on simplicity and security at all levels of engineering -- Ockham's Razor will never be very far away.

Keynote speaker this year will be Professor David May, FRS, the principle architect of the occam and transputer concepts. In addition, WoTUG-21 will have its usual mix of submitted and invited papers, a tutorial (on Java threads with a strong twist of occam and CSP), an exhibition, evening SIGs and late night discussion. WoTUG has matured into the post-transputer age, but the principles on which it was founded remain vital and live on in ever broadening fields of application. Come and celebrate our coming-of-age. Come and shape the future.

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