Invited Papers to be presented at WoTUG-19

Hardware for Transputing without Transputers

Paul Walker

Company: 4Links for technical help

Abstract: Transputing without transputers is mostly concerned with porting software to make other processors behave like transputers. This paper describes hardware which provides interprocessor (DS-)link communications to interface with processor boards that have a bus which adheres to the PCI specification.

The ST20450 - Design Overview

Rob Simpson

Company: SGS-Thomson Microelectronics

Abstract: This talk describes some of the motivation and rationale behind the design and implementation of the ST20450 processor. It is the first of a family of chips to be based upon the ST20 micro-core, which is itself a thoroughly re-engineered implementation of the T4 series transputer.

Multiprocessing with the SHARC

Talib Alukadey & Bryan Shutes

Company: Analogue Devices & Integrated Computing Engineering (ICE)

Abstract: The Analogue Devices SHARC processor is currently generating considerable interest not only as a high-performance Digital Signal Processor, but also as a processing element for parallel systems and graphics engines. The ADSP21060 includes 4Mbit of fast SRAM, a 120MFLOPS processor, high speed link ports, and other hardware support for multiprocessing. Multiple SHARC systems can efficiently support a range of programming approaches (SIMD, SPMD, MIMD).