Papers to be presented at WoTUG-19

Virtual Transputers

The Kent Retargetable occam Compiler (KRoC)
David C. Wood & Peter H. Welch (University of Kent)

Implementation of KRoC on the Analog Device's "SHARC" DSP
G.W. Otten, M.H. Schwirtz, R. Bruis, J.F. Broenink & A.W.P. Bakkers (University of Twente)

Occam for all - Two Approaches to Retargeting the Inmos Compiler
Michael D. Poole (University of Kent)

The Para-PC, An Analysis
Barry Cook (Keele University) & Roger Peel (University of Surrey)

Networks and Routers

Dynamic Creation of Virtual Links within T9000 Networks
Sam Harrison & Chris Brown (Sheffield University)

Interconnecting Remote Lans via Public Data Networks by High Performance Parallel Routers
Jean-Louis Jacquemin, Abbas Lakki (Laboratoire d'Informatique d'Avignon) & Michel Dumas (Universite de Montpellier)

Conflict-Free Hardware Routing for Communication Bound Applications
M.P. Craven, K.M. Curtis, S A Wilde (University of Nottingham), B.C. O'Neill & J.W. Ellis (Nottingham Trent University)

Design and Implementation of Complex Telecom Processes using State Machine Concepts
Vjekoslav Matic (Joanneum Research, Austria)

Languages for Parallel Systems

An Extended Version of Linda for Transputer Systems
George Wells, Peter Clayton (Rodes University) & Alan Chalmers (University of Bristol)

From Object Oriented Analysis to Implementation using Occam
Richard Beton (Roke Manor Research Limited)

The Globalisation of Occam
Paul Singleton & Barry M. Cook (University of Keele)

Tools for Parallel Systems

SCOTT: The Southampton COFF Tools for Transputers
Denis A. Nicole & Rajini Sivaram (Southampton of University)

A Software Development Tool for Parallel and Distributed Systems
R.D. Stone & D.R. Morse (University of Kent)

The Single Resource Allocation Problem: Parallel Algorithms on Distributed Systems
F. Almeida, D. Morales, J.L. Roda C. Rodriguez & F Garcia (Universidad de La Laguna)


Parallel Solution of Linear Ode's. Implementation on Transputer Networks
G. Mouney (LAAS-CNRS)

Memory Management Strategies for Parallel Volume Rendering
Cemal Kose & Alan Chalmers (University of Bristol)

Gaussian Pyramidal Fast Filtering and Parallel Implementation
E. Leclercq, N. Tonfack & A. Faure (Universite du Havre)

Emulating a Secure Multicasting Bus using occam 2.1
D.J. Beckett & P.H. Welch (University of Kent)

A plug-in Disk-Interface-Process for the WSQL Data Access Controller
Robert Kukla & Jon Kerridge (Napier University)