Java Threads Workshop - Discussion Group 1 Minutes

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:49:14 +0100
From: Richard Beton
Organization: Roke Manor Research Ltd
Subject: Java Threads Workshop - Discussion Group Minutes
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As promised, here are the notes I took from the Discussion Group yesterday, at the Java Threads Workshop.

(For those not able to attend, this was one of two such groups, so I'm only reporting herein half of the discussion held).

The following topics were discussed:

As you can see, we raised a lot of questions, and found few answers, but overall, poor Gerald had a Hard Time!

IMHO, Gerald is doing good work with his communication library, but I have reservations that some of the decisions he has made are at odds with the familiar ways of the transputer. These decisions need careful justification, because David May et al had to consider similar issues, and actually did a jolly good job designing transputer channels and links, which we ignore at our possible loss. It's not that a channel library should emulate occam just for the sake of it, but rather that it should emulate the tried and tested ideas behind occam, unless there is a sound reason not to.


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