High Performance Computing and Communications Glossary 2.1

A significant part of the material of this glossary was adapted from material originally written by Gregory V. Wilson which appeared as "A Glossary of Parallel Computing Terminology" (IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology, February 1993), and is being re-printed in the same author's "Practical Parallel Programming" (MIT Press, 1995). Several people have contributed additions to this glossary, especially Jack Dongarra, Geoffrey Fox and many of my colleagues at Edinburgh and Syracuse.

Original version is from NPAC at <URL:http://nhse.npac.syr.edu/hpccgloss/>

Original author: Ken Hawick, khawick@cs.adelaide.edu.au

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QCD (n.) Quantum Chromodynamics; a model of the behaviour of matter on sub-nuclear scales, the simulation of which is very hungry of computing power.

QIR (n.) quiescent information rate, is the transmit and receive connection information rate which is the initial transmit rate after a period of channel inactivity. Used with Foresight connections only. A value between the MIR and the PIR, normally equals the QIR.